Full Review of Societe Indoor Cycling Ann Arbor

I am beyond happy this morning. Wanna know why? Ann Arbor FINALLY got a great spin studio with the opening of Societe!

I tried their 90 minute Cycle/HIIT class this morning (btw your first is free, amazing) and it was killer, but in the best way. The first 50 minutes of class were on the bike and the last 40 or so were in the studio with weights. My whole body was shaking by the end of the 90 minutes, I’m officially in love.

Let me start from the beginning. When you walk into the studio its super clean, everything is in its place and it’s very easy to navigate. One of the owners was working the desk when I got there so he filled me in a little bit about the background of the studio which was super nice.

There is a shower along with towels and soaps in the women’s bathroom, and the mens too, and there are lockers in the hallway. They all have the programmable codes so no extra locks necessary.

On the way to the spin room you pass the studio room which is so nicely done. The mirror has a colored backlight and the floors are super pretty and clean (always a plus when you’re going to be laying on them).

Now the spin studio, oh my gosh. First of all they can change the color of the lights, so thats super cool because neither Soulcycle nor Flywheel has that option in their rooms. Second is the screen on the wall. Similar to Flywheel it shows you your stats and everyone in the classrooms stats as well (you are also able to see these on your bike too). The instructor asked if we wanted it on and I personally love it on because it really helps me to push myself.

Now the class itself, my instructor was Beth and she seriously kicked my butt. I can already feel it in my legs as I sit here and type this 2 hours later. There was tons of hills, sprints, booty work, and so much more that never left me bored.

After the bike portion we transitioned straight into the studio where mats were already waiting for us. Beth had each of us pick three different sized weights so we could begin our hiit portion. There was lots of squats, planks, and shoulder work. Now I consider myself to be pretty strong but after the spin I was really working hard. It seriously makes me want to go back every week to see how much I can improve.

Besides 90 minute classes they also have a 101 class for beginners, a spin/yoga class where you get 30 minutes of each, and a more advanced class. There really is something for everyone.

Overall, I would highly recommend you check out Societe if you’re in the area.

One tip though, if you plan on bringing spin shoes, they don’t have them to rent, make sure you bring your workout shoes as well. You’ll need them for the studio.






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