Seawheeze Training Week 1 Recap

I have officially finished week one of my Seawheeze training guide!

I could not be more excited that its started because that means I’m that much closer to heading back to Vancouver! I’ve done this race once before and it is by far the most fun run I have ever done. The weekend is full of yoga, Lululemon swag, and a great concert after the race. If you’ve never heard of it you should definitely look into doing it. The race sells out in minutes so you have to be ready but it is so worth it. IMG_0126

Now I’ve done several different halves in the past so I was interested in the plan Seawheeze sent us. So far it’s light on the running and there’s virtually no cross training or strength but I’m excited to see what each week brings. IMG_0007

If you’re interested in running a half it is definitley a good plan for beginners! I’ll be posting what Lululemon has me scheduled to do and what I actually did.

Week 1:

Seawheeze Plan:

  • 5/8: 30 min easy run
  • 5/9: 1x Exertion phase (On the MOVR app)
  • 5/10: 4x 30 sec intervals with 1 min recovery (10 min w/u and c/d)
  • 5/11: 3X Extertion phase (On the MOVR app)
  • 5/12: Rest
  • 5/13: 6km
  • 5/14: 20 min easy run and Yoga

What my week actually looked like:

  • 5/8: 30 min easy run
  • 5/9: 60 min spin class
  • 5/10: 4X 30 sec intervals with 1 min recover (10 min w/u and c/d)
  • 5/11: 3X Exertion phase- was not a fan of this
  • 5/12: Rest
  • 5/13: 90 min spin/hiit class
  • 5/14: Rest

Overall, I hit most of days. I did decide that I would much rather do my strength training day in the gym then their strengthening work out. I didn’t find it that difficult and would like to challenge myself a bit more then what they are offering. I would also like to do my long runs on Friday so that’s out of the way before the 90 min spin class (can’t give that up). I can then rest on Sundays and be good to go for the next week!

Have you ever run a half? What’s your favorite training guide?

I’ve tried everything from Hal Higdon to Nike and I just don’t have a favorite yet.

Catch ya later,






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