Studio Three Chicago

When I go on vacation I like to try new workout studios. Studio Three had been on my list for a while because it is one of only a few Peloton Studios. If you don’t know what Peloton is, it’s a really amazing and expensive spin bike that you can buy for your home. Well I obviously can’t afford one so instead I decided to try a class.

Studio Three offers one week unlimited for $35 and well that’s barely more expensive than a Soulcycle class so I went for it.


I took two different spin classes and both were awesome. High energy, lots of lights and great music kept me entertained throughout the entire ride.


For my third day there I did an interval class. This means 5 mins on the rower followed by 5 min on the treadmill then 5 min on the floor doing strength training. Then 15 min on each and then 2.5 min on each. It seriously kicked my butt, I LOVED IT.


Along with spin and interval classes, Studio Three also has several different styles of yoga classes. Those with heat, those without, those with weights, those without and so on.


The really great part about this studio was that there were so many different styles of classes at all different times of day. There’s no way you could get bored if you were a member here.


You can get memberships to just the spin or the other two style classes or you can choose to do an unlimited package for all three every month. If I lived in Chicago that was be a very hard temptation to resist.

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Besides the great classes, the aesthetic of the entire building is amazing. There are motivational sayings all over, the bathrooms were incredibly nice and the showers were clean.


They also have a Graze juice located inside so you can put in an order for a smoothie or bowl so it’s ready for you after class. If that isn’t perfection then I don’t know what is.


If you’re in town visiting for more than a couple days, Studio Three would be were I recommend you go workout. I love that you can do one week unlimited and I really felt challenged in every class.


I wish I had been there longer because there were several more classes I wanted to try. What’s most convenient though, for travelers especially, is that you don’t need to bring a yoga mat or have spin shoes they have them all for you. And they don’t even cost extra to use. Now that is customer service.


Go try Studio Three in Chicago and tell me what you think. I’m guessing you’ll enjoy not only the workout but the smoothie after as well.


Go get your butt kicked,



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