Steakbar Chicago

Um doughnut wall. Need I say more?

*Insert Nelly Furtado “didn’t think so” here*


So, the doughnut wall was what drew me here in the first place and then I walked in and saw that there were four levels of food and yeah, we were there for an hour and a half, we ate the whole time.

It’s a $35 all you can eat brunch and at first I’m thinking “that’s a little expensive but when in Rome (or Chicago) just do it”. And then I get there and I start eating… everything, and I mean everything, I’m like holy crap this should be way more expensive.


I tell everyone I know who is going to Chicago that they should go here. It’s a must. No need to brunch anywhere else just go here. Make reservations now, they get busy, and go.

Most of the time you see pictures of food and it looks great and then you try the place and its disgusting, no definitley not here. It was all legit amazing. Pretty sure the doughnuts were all supplied by Glazed and Infused so you know that at least one thing is going to be delicious.


Glazed and Infused doughnuts are my favorite doughnuts in Chicago (and I’ve tried almost every popular place) so I was really happy when I ate one, then tried every other flavor they had there. Think, s’mores, vanilla, sprinkles, strawberry shortcake, pistachio, maple bacon, and chocolate glazed. They had an entire room devoted to dessert, the doughnuts were only a small portion. They had booze infused dessert (see below).


There was also a build your own mac and cheese bar with multiple kinds of mac and cheese and build your own crepes and waffles. There was a build your own omelet station, a butcher, a seafood area, fruit bar, various types of salad, AND a very large build your own Bloody Mary bar. (Drinks, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are an additional cost.)

It was all SO GOOD. Like can’t stop eating good. I didn’t have to eat until dinner that night because we HAD to try everything there. Oh yeah, they also had crispy brussel sprouts and song themed juices, think a “Passion Fruit” by Drake label on the passion fruit juice. Too cute.


So if you learn one thing from this it’s that you have NOT LIVED until you eat at Steakbar.

You’re welcome,





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